Completion June 2021

Planning permission has been obtained for the demolition of a former residential bungalow and the new build of 8 Help to Buy luxury apartments, consisting of 1 x 3 bed, 4 x 2 beds and 3 x 1 beds.

Large Apartments

Great Location

Highspeed Broadband

Luxury Bathrooms

Private Gardens


3 bedLower Ground Floor
(private garden, private access)
2 bedGround Floor680
1 bedGround Floor643
1 bed1st Floor558
2 bed1st Floor721
2 bed2nd Floor669
1 bed2nd Floor410
2 bed3rd Floor960

All Units Sold

Help to Buy MR


Just across the Thames from the popular South-West London area of Fulham, the leafy streets of Putney have been renowned as one of London’s loveliest spots for more than a century, with J.C.Gelkie describing the area as ‘one of the pleasantest of the London suburbs, as well as the most accessible’ in 1903.

Over a hundred years later and Putney remains much the same, although with many more amenities and better connections than it boasted at the turn of the century. Pretty and peaceful, Putney is characterised by relaxed pubs, good restaurants, and cosy coffee shops rather than the clubs and cutting-edge pop-ups of many East and South London areas.

Construction Progress

Completion June 2021

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